Sophea Kheom

Sophea Kheom

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Chicken farmer
Male Entrepreneur

Hi, people in my community call me Sophea. I am a construction worker and my wife is a clay pot maker and sometimes helps working with me when our children are on holidays.

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Chicken farmer
Male Entrepreneur

I am a father with four children. One of my children is already married, two are students and the other one is a factory worker. Two years ago, I started a chicken farming business in an attempt to gain some extra income for the family, but didn’t have the skills or resources needed to grow it. In the future I would like to re-start up my chicken farming business again. I would like to develop it into a successful micro-enterprise. With more funding and the appropriate training I believe I can do this.

Through this micro-enterprise I can generate more income that will allow me to save more to build a more appropriate house, support my children’s education, provide better quality food and provide better household facilities to my family.

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Chicken Farmer

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