Somaly Yuk

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Chicken farmer
Female Entrepreneur

Hello. My name is Somaly Yuk. I’m a 28-year-old mother with 3 children. 2 of them are currently studying at primary school. I’m a housewife, but for extra income I sometimes sell firewood and vegetables collected from fields. My husband works in various jobs, as a construction worker or a rubber or cassava field labourer.

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Chicken farmer
Female Entrepreneur

To attempt to improve our situation, we started a chicken farming business. Through this we earned some money and even had enough chickens to feed our family. Unfortunately, in the last dry season all the chickens died because we don’t have a water source or technical farming skills. Once I have developed the relevant skills and I have more resources, I want to try again.

My long-term goal is to restart our business and develop it into a successful micro-enterprise. By doing so, I hope to ensure that my children have access to education. Additionally, I hope to increase our financial and social status, improve the quality of food that I provide for my family, and build a new house.

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Chicken Farmer

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