Sokhchea Chheom

Sokhchea Chheom

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Vegetable farmer
Female Entrepreneur

Hello. I am Sokhchea, a 25-year-old mother of 2. I’m a housewife, but I sometimes work as a cassava field labourer with my husband. Collectively, we earn around $25.75 a week which goes towards supporting our family.

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Vegetable farmer
Female Entrepreneur

To help make money to support my family’s needs, I started farming vegetables last rainy season. I was able to feed my family more vegetables and sell some, generating income. I’m devastated that I can’t continue the business at the moment as a result of difficulties with our water supply. In addition to this, I haven’t learnt how to farm effectively.

My business goal is to restart our vegetable farm and develop it into a successful micro-enterprise. I hope to generate more income so that we can afford to build a new house, I can support my children’s education, feed my family better and provide access to facilities.

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Vegetable Farmer

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