Sok Maen

$39.00 for each 1 day

Vegetable Farmer
Female Entrepreneur

Hello! My name is Sok Maen. I’m a 45 year old father with 3 children, all of them are studying at high school. I’m a vegetable farmer, and occasionally a construction worker. My wife is a factory worker. She earns our family’s main income. Divided between us, we only have about $1.25 to support each individual family member with per day.


Vegetable Farmer
Female Entrepreneur

As the total income we earn is not enough to support my family’s needs, in the last few years my wife and I discussed and decided to start a vegetable farming business. While we are able to earn some extra income, we only do it in rainy season. We currently face multiple challenges such as access to a water source, diseases and other seasonal factors. If I had better farming skills and better access to capital and materials my business would be more successful.

I’m very worried about my children’s education. I don’t want my children to stop their studies because of the shortage of income or support. Our house is small and old and often needs repair work. The water comes through everywhere when it rains. I really hope that the program will help improve my family‚Äôs living conditions.

I would like to build up our vegetable farm and eventually develop it into a successful micro-enterprise. With more funding I can avoid the problems I encountered previously. My goal is to generate enough income so that we can afford my children’s education, build a new house and improve our overall standard of living.

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Vegetable Farmer

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