Sam Art Vaen

Sam Art Vaen

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Duck farmer
Male Entrepreneur

Hi, you can call me Sam Art. I have five children, three of them are students and two are still young. I am a construction worker and my wife is a housewife. We are one of the poorest family’s in our village in Kampong Chhnang Province, Cambodia.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Cufa at or (+61) 1300 490 467.



Duck farmer
Male Entrepreneur

A few years ago, I raised ducks and chickens at the back of my house. I faced some business challenges such as diseases, death and lack of water source. Recently, my wife and I have set up a plan to start up the business again because we hoped that we could earn extra income to support our family. We have seen that people in our community who have good farming skills and capital grow their business successfully. I hope the program can help make my business plan succeed.

My goal is to increase my family income so that I can afford to support my children’s education, improve my family’s healthcare, food quality and other facilities.

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Duck Farmer

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