Da Thong

Da Thong

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Grocery seller
Female Entrepreneur

Hi there. I am Da Thong. I am a 29-year-old mother with two children. I am the main person who earns our  family’s income. My husband is a person with a disability. He sometimes works as a motorbike taxi driver.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Cufa at ve@cufa.org.au or (+61) 1300 490 467.



Grocery seller
Female Entrepreneur

We earn around $3-4 a day to support our family. We are struggling to make a living as our income is not enough for food, children’s study and household facilities.I currently sell kids snacks and drinks. I started this business two years after my husband became disabled. I do not have many skills in business or marketing and I do not know how to record my business income and expenses. I hope the program will provide me the opportunity to expand my business.I would like to build up my current  business to become a full grocery stall and eventually develop it into a successful micro-enterprise. With more funding I can avoid the problems I encountered previously.

Our goal is to generate enough income so that we can afford to support our children’s education, improve our family’s healthcare, develop our household facilities and improve our overall standard of living.

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Grocery Seller

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