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Chein Chem

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Duck farmer
Male Entrepreneur

How are you? My name is Chein Chem. I’m a father to 2 children, both of whom are at school. I’m a rubber field labourer, and I earn our family’s main income. My wife is a housewife but sometimes she helps me in the field when my kids are on holidays.

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Duck farmer
Male Entrepreneur

I’m currently a rubber field labourer but I used to be a duck farmer. I could raise ducks to sell and cook for my family. This business gave me some extra income, which allowed me to spend money on my children’s education, food, and other necessities. If I had better farming skills and better access to funds and resources, I could restart my business with greater success.

I would like to set up my duck farming business and develop it into a successful micro-enterprise. I think that with more funding and education I will be able to do this. In future I really hope I’ll be able to provide better financial support for my children’s education, improve their standards of living, and provide access to clean water and electricity.

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Duck Farmer

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