Sophein’s goal to set up a small chicken raising business. Sophein wants to increase his family’s living standard and guarantee his children’s education. Sophein also hopes to have enough money to take care of their daily needs such as good food and medicine if they need it.

Hello, my name is Sophein. I am 37 years old and a father of three. I work with my wife as a local farmer but together we have a very smaall income of around $1.66 a day. I try to save $0.75 a month in case of emergencies and for the future of my children but I would like to work harder and earn more.

Sophein’s goal is to set up a small chicken raising business and increase his family’s living standards. He also hopes to save some money for the future and guarantee his children’s education.

By investing in me and my small business you will help to give my family a better life and enable me to secure a brighter future for my children.

For just $39 a month for 3 years, you can make a meaningful difference.
As a Community Investor, your support provides much needed business investment, training in vital business skills such as budgeting, planning and marketing as well as mentoring and support to reach business sustainability. You will learn more about your Village Entrepreneur’s life and be able to track their progress through quarterly reports that are prepared for you.
Set-up your monthly sponsorship for Phearum today. Alternatively you can make a lump-sum payment or create quarterly or annual contributions to support his Village Entrepreneur journey. He can’t do it without you, thank you for your support.


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