Village Entrepreneurs Australian Social Program for Inclusive Rural Enterprise

About Aspire

Through a one-off contribution or $39 a month – tax deductible – you can change a family’s future! Over three years, ASPIRE (the Australian Social Program for Inclusive Rural Enterprise) empowers rural entrepreneurs to develop and run a sustainable small business.

How are you? You can call me Sokha. I’m 18 years old and live with my single mum and my grandfather, who are both getting old. I have 2 orphaned nephews who are currently studying at school.

If you have any questions or queries please contact Cufa at or (+61) 1300 490 467.

Sokha Thong

Vegetable Farmer, Female Entrepreneur

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with small contribution a month.

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Monthly Support an Entrepreneur

Through a monthly donation of $39 dollars, you enable crucial support for entrepreneurs throughout Cambodia.

Support an Entrepreneur

Through the power of community, you and other Australians are able to chip in to make these entrepreneurs dreams a reality.

Support a Village Entrepreneur

You can change a family’s future by investing in their business and give them opportunity to succeed.