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About our Village Entrepreneur Program

Village Entrepreneurs

For $39 AUD a month you can change an entire family's future! Over the course of 3 years or less, the Village Entrepreneur program brings these rural people from low to no-income to a sustainable small business!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people who have limited to no access to loans and savings accounts to start a small business so that they can have a stable income source for themselves and their family. Once they become financially independent, they can provide healthcare, education and clean water for their families.

Together we can help people help themselves and build a better, brighter shared future.


We teach them how to build, run and maintain a business and they will become financially sustainable. Financial Literacy is what we do best.


An opportunity changes everything for our Village Entrepreneurs, the eagerness and drive see these Village Entrepreneurs break the poverty cycle.


Our mission is help poor people create a stable source of income through the creating of employment.